Madeira wine increases bet of promotions and training in Europe

Between the 21st and 28th of October, the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, through the Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute (IVBAM) and in partnership with five companies in the sector, will perform a series of tastings of Madeira wine aimed at professionals in the wine industry, from important European markets for exports of Madeira Wine.

Paris, London, Copenhagen and The Hague were the cities chosen for holding the professional tastings of Madeira wine and Venice was chosen for the training.
In the first 4 cities the program will be similar, starting with seminars/masterclasses on Madeira wine, which will include presentations of the demarcated region of Madeira and commented tastings, which will follow the open tastings taking place over several hours during which guests can sample a variety of Madeira wines from all of the companies present at each tasting.
These tastings will be specifically directed to a target-audience made up of professionals and prescribers, such as professionals in the hotel and catering business, importers, distributors, retailers and specialty press.
Note that all these tastings will include the presence of renowned Portuguese wine critic Rui Falcão as speaker of the seminar and will be held in charming locations (the London and The Hague ones will be held at the Portuguese Embassy).
Also worth mentioning is the fact that the open tasting in London will be enriched by the presence of Madeiran Chef Octávio Freitas who will prepare some delicacies specially designed to blend in well with the various types of Madeira wine at the tastings. It should be noted that the participation of Chef Octávio Freitas in this tasting follows the Contest for "Madeira Wine with entrées" launched by IVBAM last year, which this chef won.
In Venice, the training component will be in order as the result of an invitation by the Italian Association of Sommeliers (AIS) to conduct a Presentation on the Demarcated Region of Madeira. The speaker of this presentation, which will include a commented tasting of 8 types of Madeira wine, will be the Head of the Chamber of Tasters of IVBAM - Rubina Vieira. In this presentation various topics on the Wine Region will be addressed, with special emphasis on the particularities and specificities of Madeira wine for this target audience, consisting of sommeliers who will surely be future prescribers of Madeira wine in their professional lives.
A regional delegation will be present at all events, consisting in representatives of IVBAM and of five companies that will participate in these actions, namely: “Madeira Wine Company, SA", "Henriques & Henriques, Vinhos, SA", "Justino's Madeira Wines, SA” and “Vinhos Barbeito, Lda.” and Pereira d’Oliveira.
The promotional bet on these European markets relates to the importance of these markets in terms of exports of Madeira wine, which together account for about 37% of the total turnover of Madeira Wine. In the case of the UK, France and Denmark markets, this is a continuation of previous promotional activities that have been carried out in these markets; in the specific case of the Dutch market, this will be the first time that IVBAM, together with companies exporting Madeira Wine, will organize a tasting of Madeira wine in this country. It is intended to honour and promote the Madeira Wine in the Dutch market, given the high purchase power and development potential of this market, focusing on attracting new consumers and thereby fostering new business opportunities.
All of these actions fall under the Project "Promotional Plan of Madeira Wine", which is 85% co-funded by EU funds, through the program “Intervir +” (Intervene More), the remaining amount being borne by the regional budget.