Danny Gomes enthroned Madeira Wine Confrere will spread the good name of the Madeira Wine around the World

The madeiran athlete and Zenit St. Petersburg football player, Danny Gomes, was enthroned on Thursday, November 24, by the Madeira Wine Association “Confraria” (Madeira Wine Brotherhood). The solemn ceremony took place in the city of Funchal, in Madeira island and was attended by several government entities from this region, including the President of the Regional Government, Alberto João Jardim, who is also a member of this Association.

The Madeira Wine Association, founded in 1985, is a cultural and associative institution with the purpose of promoting the good name of Madeira wine throughout the world. The most recently enthroned entities were the President of the Portuguese Republic, Aníbal Cavaco Silva and the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I.
The Autonomous Region of Madeira is proud to produce Madeira Wine that has more than five centuries of existence, full of stories and unique experiences. With more than five centuries of history, Madeira Wine has been appreciated in European Courts, from Russia to England, has celebrated the Independence of the United States of America, was loved by poets, appreciated by explorers and adventurers, inspired artists, has made history around the world and is still a part of our everyday living experience and future dreams.
The historical connections between Madeira Wine and Russia ascend to the end of the XVIII century, when it became the popular drink in the Court of St. Petersburg and in the manor houses.
The great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was also an admirer of this nectar: ​​"My cellar is happy to receive gold-colored Madeira." Grigori Rasputin, was another of historical figure from Russia who was fond of Madeira Wine and according to reports from his personal secretary, Aron Simanovitch, Rasputin was very demanding as regards the Madeira wine, requiring only the "original".
Madeira island and Madeira wine through its Association, rejoices because it can rely on Danny Gomes, as a confrere who, with his sympathy and international recognition, will help to lead, even further, the reputation of a product with unique features and that is part of the history and tradition of Madeira.
Information about the Madeira Wine Association (or Brotherhood)
The Association is constituted of the following organs: the Chancellery, which administers and governs the activities of the Association, the Table of the Inspectors, which is the Fiscal Council of the Association and the Chapter, which is the General Assembly of the Association.
The High Chancellor presides over the Chapter, this is a title of honor of the greatest prestige, and it is his obligation to welcome the new members into the Association, according to the habits and other rules of the Association. Whenever the members meet officially, a CHAPTER takes place.
The Association’s costume is made up of:
-       The cape, a long velvet piece, in a dark Wine color, reminiscent of the ruby Malmsey originating from Greece;
-       The hat, in black velvet, with ostrich feathers in several colors, reminiscent of the "gentlemen" and wealthy merchants of the first century of Madeira’s colonization, who contributed much to the economic development of the island, planting the vines that they used to bring in from distant lands;
-       The Tombuladeira, a piece with which the new members are toasted, normally made of tin, which is a small short cup, and with a bottom which allows the light to reflect through the fine layer of Wine, so that its state of clearness and the color of the precious liquid may be visible.