Madeira wine evoked in new Mark Knopfler album


Launched in September last, the album by Mark Knopfler, former lead singer of Dire Straits, alludes to Madeira Wine in the track that is also the title of the album: ‘Privateering’. The reference is repeated several times throughout the song, whose lyrics refer to Buccaneers’ adventurous life at the service of the British crown.
A buccaneer, or privateer, was a pirate who, through a privateer license from a government, was allowed to plunder vessels of another nation. Through privateers, countries could weaken their enemies without the costs related to maintenance and shipbuilding.
Thus, the holder of this license would become a member of the Navy of that country, as per the so-called "Law of the Sea" (International Treaty of the time when this international legal instrument was created).
Privateer licenses were widely used in the Middle Ages and the Modern Age, when countries were unable to maintain navies of their own, or sufficiently large ones. They were used by all the major maritime nations. On this track, now released, the Privateer emerges as a heroic adventurer with a bohemian and lustful life, to which belonged the famous and irresistible Madeira wine.
But this has not been the only time the Madeira Wine has inspired lyrics that became famous all over the world. In the sixties, the famous musical by the English duo, Flanders and Swann, "At the top of the hat", made ​​famous the song "Have a Madeira My Dear". The play premiered in 1960 at the West End in London and was a success that toured several continents, to Australia and America. In the United States it was a roaring success at Broadway. The chorus ‘Madeira My Dear’ became “a catchy tune" all over the world, particularly for many British and Americans, to the present day.
But references to Madeira wine are countless in literature and certainly contributed to bringing the name of the island of Madeira beyond boarders. It served as inspiration and was mentioned in the works of writers of immense repute, of various nationalities, such as Shakespeare, Leo Tolstoy, Honoré de Balzac, Jules Verne, Dostoevsky, Alexandre Dumas, Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, among many others.
The numerous references to Madeira Wine in international culture, be it literary or musical, are a source of proud for this brand that is among the national and even global brands with greatest longevity in terms of internationalization. We must not forget that Madeira Wine has almost five centuries of impressive exports!
Now, with the launch of this track by Mark Knopfler, IVBAM shall endeavour to seek the rights to use the song in promotional material as an advertising spot.
Youtube link to the Privateering track