• The Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute and the John Dos Passos Cultural Centre will celebrate tomorrow, July 4th, the Independence of the United States, with a glass of Madeira wine. This initiative, which will be held at Ponta do Sol, in the Cultural Centre John Dos Passos, starting at 5pm with a tasting of Madeira wine, aimed at tourists and residents of American nationality and also locals and tourists of various nationalities. The program will proceed with opening statements and the holding of a conference on "Madeira Wine to American Eyes". The event will end with the presentation of a jazz concert by the Professional School of the Arts of Madeira.
  • The new campaign of Madeira wine for the summer of 2012 seeks to awaken locals and tourists to the consumption of Madeira wine in the summertime. This year's motto is to discover a refreshed Madeira wine. Just cool it down in a frappe and indulge yourself with a fresh Madeira wine, suitable for this time of year!
  • The team from the Madeira Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute, Public Institution, (IVBAM), consisting of Bárbara Spínola and Lígia Sousa, won the final of the gastronomic competition "1st FN Kitchen Team Cup 2012" with the proposal "Madeira Tuna Trilogy".
  • San Francisco welcomed with enthusiasm the various promotional activities of Madeira wine, which took place last Monday and Tuesday at this North American city.
  • Over the next two weeks Madeira wine will be promoted in three cities in the United States, namely San Francisco, Chicago and New York. These promotional activities are the responsibility of the Madeira wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts Institute, a Public Institution, and will also have the participation of six companies in the industry of Madeira wine.
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